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Inspired by my roots, the foothills, and the hard work it taught me, this corner of the web is me sharing my knowledge of business and design for all entrepreneur's who are looking for tried and true results.

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you may not know this about me yet, but i am a jack of all trades!

New Around Here?


I am an Aries.
I am an Enneagram #3.
I am the Sage Archetype.
I was born the year of the tiger.

All of which means I was born a leader that values hard work and dedication, thriving on juggling alll the things, and I work best in full blown multi-tasking mode. And as a mom of 3 kids I am ALWAYS multi-tasking!

I am a seeker of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. My drive comes from my desire to not only understand the world, but to then share that understanding with as many others as I can.

     I am more likely to pass on my wisdom to someone who         can use it to change the world rather then me changing         the world myself.

Since I am built this way and operate like this my new home here on Foothill Design Co. will be built much the same way.

Simple. Fact-driven. No B.S./Fluff.

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 source for knowledge

hi loves!

I’m Michelle

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Bringing everyday inspiration to 


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Drawing inspiration from around me, I bring images and elements to life for your brand and website.

Visual aspects to your business is so important and I love the process of designing your brand strategy and working closely with you to really find your target market and how to reach them and engage with them and be drawn with you and your aesthetic from the first sight. 

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jessica h.

"Design is not one of my favorite things, I much rather be creating content and my products. Michelle helped me dive into my niche and learn more about my exact audience, making me brand every aspect of my business, and let me tell you, it truly does make a difference!!" 



grace p.

Michelle mentioned she was a seo geek, she wasn't kidding. 60 days & I was ranking top 3 for multiple keywords. Organic search results weren't on my priority list but they are on the top now, her help has changed my business for the better!

Researching is not my jam, happy to find one who loves it!

mark w.

Why was branding always on my back burner? Who knows but I do know that the branding cheatsheet helped me with quick actionable steps, to match my motto, #aintnobodygottimeforthat.

Who knew a freebie could be so life changing?!

tiffany b.

"Pinterest keywords are a bore, instead of investing time to find the right ones I purchased them already done for me, much better investment seeing as time is money! "



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See work with my past clients, get inspired, learn, ask questions, enjoy all the pretty images & let me know which is your favorite.


.Packages & services to fit your price point & where you are at with your business journey. Beginning, middle, end, I've got you.


Years in business has taught me what programs, images, apps, extensions, etc are worth the money & which ones are not, my gift to you.


Tired of searching for someone to trust? Read through the blog & get to know me & say hi. I share case studies, good reads, advice, & more.







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Offering the education and solutions you are desperately searching for. Taking all the guesswork out of what works and what doesn't for growing your brand. As an entrepreneur we all wear multiple hats as creative business, marketing, bookkeeping, networking, researching, learning, etc. It's a lot for anyone person to handle. But I know just like myself, I like to know the ends and outs of all facets of my business so I not only offer the business services you need but also the lessons, results, and education that is the power behind my services and success.

There are TWO main aspects of my business that I contribute most my prosperity to, great graphic design and even better SEO! Without search engine optimization there would be no one seeing any of the beautiful content and resources that I have shared. I wouldn't have been able to help so many clients of mine reach their $10k and even $25k a month goals. Keywords are a magically thing (even Instagram using the same concept - hashtags!). Between the all mighty Google and the powerful search engine of Pinterest there is no excuse for any creative to not be getting views or impressions on their products or content. 

My Mission

solving hard problems for you

Do it             to avoid disappointment tomorrow


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