How To Increase Website Traffic Using A Good SEO Content Marketing Strategy

I want to help you understand the basics of a good SEO and content marketing strategy and the results that come with it. One way to improve your rankings is to be consistent and diligent with your day to day goals and strategies. Spend your time wisely creating content that will generate traffic.

2021 is going to be the year you increase your traffic to your site by optimizing content that you already have posted to your website. Content marketing doesn’t have to be a bore, and neither does SEO optimization, I want you to make it apart of your weekly work routine along with your keyword research. Making time and setting goals is going to help you out tremendously in 2021!!

By the end of this post I want you to be able to answer the most burning questions I have been asked about this topic :

How can SEO Increase Web Traffic?
How does content affect SEO?
How do I promote my website SEO?




Let’s get started on our way to the BEST SEO and content marketing blog post that exists today!

This is quite a lengthy blog post that includes all topics related to search engine optimization, content marketing, and SEO, link building, organic traffic, bounce rate, keywords, and so much more. My hope is not to confuse you anymore but to simply share the basics surrounding content strategy and using search engines as another source of traffic to your website. You may need to fuel up on caffeine, or find a way to kick up your feet, and may need to add one or two stiff drinks, yup that’s the way to go for sure!


What is an SEO content marketing strategy?

       In building and growing your businesses, we all aim to rank our content through SEO (search engine optimization) directly towards our target audience. This goes for all online businesses like e-commerce, bloggers, social media marketing, and other brand promotion types like brand influencers. SEO brings potential customers to our blogs and websites. Online visibility for a product or service is very important in all niches. We need to drive traffic using Google’s artificial intelligence system by creating quality content using keywords, the correct formatting, and the use of good basic research.

        This process will not only boost visitors to a site or a link but also provides creative business owners with a strategy that can help increase website traffic organically. In my serviced based business, my fundamental purpose is to use such SEO techniques, which will help me to promote my brand on all corners of the web. Utilizing a good SEO content marketing strategy includes multiple steps. But please keep in mind once these web pages are optimized correctly, then they can continue to bring you traffic hassle-free for years to come.


Why SEO is all about content marketing


In all businesses, experts try to share information and content which are commonly discussed in public and all over the internet. When we cover a specific topic, industry, or niche that contains our business-related content then this becomes a GOOD source of our site visitors and helps us to boost our leads and sales. Good SEO practices and content marketing are the main fundamentals behind ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. When creating the content we have to make sure it speaks directly to our target audience AND also speaks the search engines’ language.


Content is the King.


Nowadays people create E-books, informative videos, and quizzes for their communities making the forms of content that much more advance and strategic these days. Whether you prefer video, written format, or audio, just because you create good content doesn’t mean the right people will see it. That’s where SEO comes in.

SEO provides us with new leads ( potentially thousands a month) and our content must produce the results that we are looking for whether it’s sales, leads, or email sign-ups.



Content Marketing Defined

            These days there is a big confusion about SEO and content marketing. People feel that both are integrated and they go hand in hand. Content marketing is overtaking SEO, the reason is people watch so many informative videos, read blogs/content related to their vast amount of interests including, businesses, shopping, traveling, health, lifestyle, entertainment, and so much more.

They don’t care about how this content is managed? How these products are top-rated and how experts struggled just to publish it, make time, find keywords, and find a way to get it all in front of them.

It is not easy to sell the products without sharing relevant information on social media, digital media, and print media. These days you can’t just show a product on a cute model and hope it sells. You have to share in multiple formats (video, audio, written) why they need, what they can do with it, how it will make them feel, and so much more.

      Ecommerce brands like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other online businesses have a huge market. People read their blogs, watch their ads, and consume all this content from many different platforms.

This is the content marketing strategy that helps to increase blog traffic and site traffic. These eCommerce businesses have their own apps. People install them and receive notifications day by day. This is SEO related content marketing policy for a company to find its target audience.

For my brand and business, I do cover multiple types of content but lack big time in the video department. I can research keywords like nobody’s business but forcing myself to teach on camera is a whole other ball game. I am a pen and paper gal, one that prefers to read a book than to watch a video. So part of my 2021 content marketing strategy is to utilize videos as well as other visuals and use my SEO skills to get that content to rank number one on search engines.


Content Marketing Ideas for E-Commerce Product Based Brands

  • Create videos
  • Include photos of products
  • Share behind the scenes
  • Become an online hub
  • Write relevant informative blog posts about the benefits of your product and why your ideal customer needs it


How Ecommerce sites benefit from good content marketing?

  • Search engine optimization increases traffic
  • Relationship building through quality content that resonates with your target audience
  • Social apps can help build brand awareness


When we plan for content marketing and set digital marketing goals then we can create a calendar of upcoming events, like holidays, current events, local community projects, or upcoming celebrations. For this purpose, we need a huge amount of content. At every type of event, we can create content specific to that audience or location.

This will be very irresistible for our target audience. We can easily increase our site traffic and boost it for our purpose. We can offer coupons, sales, giveaways, and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your content marketing creation process just try to stay consistent and on-brand.






How to Combine SEO and a Good Content Marketing Strategy


Now that you see the ways to create better content and some of the benefits that come with it we now want to combine content creation with SEO.

How to Increase website traffic for free using an SEO marketing strategy:
      Some of the tactics which are used to rank well in search engines with SEO content marketing strategies include the following…







On-page SEO:

      Search engine optimization for website traffic is worthwhile. We cannot increase site traffic without proper website promotion and ranking. Meta, description, search tags, headings, internal and external links are very important to a search engine and to increase organic traffic.

Internal links help to provide a brief introduction of your website, services, and content that serves your target audience as well. Linking to your other web pages can help with your link building goals.
External links are links that involve other blogs and websites that are relative to your content and will engage your same audience. We want to make sure that we include external links that have a good domain authority and that we give them credit where credit is due.

Long-tail keywords, 3000 words or more, and good a content marketing strategy will help boost your link in search results as well.


Free Google business listing: 

      If we provide a free business list of our products to Google then it is easy to get more visitors to our site. Google focuses on content and decides how it can market our content. People try to search relevant data for businesses and locations.

When we provide reviews and feedback with links then Google takes notice of our content even more. If we are listed in online directories then we can link our profile with many other sites. These directories provide positive reviews.

Creating a free business listing helps you in your SEO journey but also helps your clients find you easier through search when using your business or brand name.





Build Backlinks:

     A backlink is a link to your site, listing, or post from any other website. Thousands of websites are in the top spots on search platforms like Yahoo and Bing. If we can link our site with them then it is very easy to access the millions of people that they are already attracting. From complimentary businesses and influencers, backlinks put our business in front of a larger audience. The sudden recognition of our site with a larger audience is historic and helps every time. It brings qualified traffic and a surge of visitors. In content marketing to earn that spike in views, building trust is very important. If we build trust with Google’s algorithm with good SEO practices then the algorithm will rank our valuable content even higher in the search engine.

Post to Social Media For Content Marketing Efforts:

     Social media is one of the best and popular free marketing tools in digital marketing. Social media is full of related content for businesses. Visitors will grow by the hundreds if we share content with relevant people on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Linkedin (content marketing gold mine!).

We can turn our followers and friends into our very own site visitors. We can boost traffic, surge sales, and revenue by sharing the same content we created to be found in organic search. Using images, link building, using a long form piece of content, and high quality effective blog post our audience will be coming back for more and more!





Long-tail Keywords Used When Creating SEO Content:

      If a site needs more clicks then it is important to include the correct keywords. People often search for short keywords but it is difficult for Google to rank short keywords. Your competition is so fierce for the broad shorter keyword phrases. You can’t outrank big brands like Amazon, Walmart, or Target for “women’s T-shirt”. But you CAN improve results by using a longer keyword like “soft pink women’s t-shirt for a girls night out”. Think 0f it more as a longer phrase and more descriptive words, and base your keyword research around that.

Email Marketing:

      In a professional lifestyle, people communicate through emails. This is the best way of conveying your information directly to your engaged audience.

With content marketing, to boost views and my site’s ranking I should be using email marketing as part of my overall digital marketing strategy. Brands create relevant newsletters and promotional offer emails for their customers and that’s why it’s so important to gather an email address on your site. Blog posts, guest posts, and landing pages are also shared in email marketing which will factor into your SEO. When our customers follow our products and subscribe to us then they get notifications 24/7 and are more likely to stay in constant contact and be an active member of your community.

Guest Blogs:

There are thousands of bloggers who have top rated blogs or online stores. Their blogs rank on top for search terms as well (if you do your research correctly!). People who want to promote their business and products, offer to create blog posts for guest appearances on your page. When people do guest blogging and join their audience in comments then this will help your results. These bloggers provide more variety in our content as well as boost visitors to your site. If bloggers have a target audience of millions then they can help to promote your content for you. We can also request influencers to mention our business in their interviews and reviews and share on their preferred platforms. Some do charge for this or require payment to post but it can improve your reach as well.

Use Mobile Responsive Design Themes :

Mobile devices are a quick and easy source of information for EVERYBODY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Your customers aren’t spending all their time on desktop computers. Mobile is the BEST and most used source of communication. Our content should ALWAYS be mobile-friendly. Making your content load quick and easy on all devices does factor into a good SEO strategy.

5 How To Increase Website Traffic Using a Good SEO Content Marketing Strategy



How to Keep Track of Your Stats: Google Analytics

  Google Analytics provides valuable content so we can improve our business performance, goals, and marketing. Google analytics tells that what type of content we are using, what content is ranking the best, and bringing in the most sales. It also tells us where we rank for each keyword and helps us find good keywords to use as well.

This free and easy way will monitor and purify our business content. On-Page and Off-Page SEO practices will be tested in website analytics and let us know what is working and what is not. We do not want a high bounce rate, when visitors come to your site then leave immediately. Keeping our bounce rate low also factors into link optimization. We have to manage our content and grow our following by optimizing it to reach the millions of viewers that Google has to offer. This platform is one of the free tactics I recommend to raise views to your site and bringing together your entire content marketing strategy.

Key Points of this Content Marketing and SEO Post to Please the King Search Engine G-O-O-G-L-E :

  • a keyword, another good keyword, and even more excellent keyword phrases
  • on page and off page SEO!
  • internal and external links
  • back links from good relevant domain authorities
  • relevant content to your exact audience in a specific niche
  • content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, create effective content
  • bounce rates need to be low
  • mobile-friendly site




Make your content marketing fun, interactive, and now that you have enjoyed a couple of drinks and am caffeinated it’s time to work!!



2 How To Increase Website Traffic Using a Good SEO Content Marketing Strategy


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