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I am an Aries.
I am an Enneagram #3.
I am the Sage Archetype.
I was born the year of the tiger.

All of which means I was born a leader that values hard work and dedication, thriving on juggling alll the things, and I work best in full blown multi-tasking mode. And as a mom of 3 kids I am ALWAYS multi-tasking!

I am a seeker of truth, knowledge, and wisdom. My drive comes from my desire to not only understand the world, but to then share that understanding with as many others as I can.

     I am more likely to pass on my wisdom to someone who         can use it to change the world rather then me changing         the world myself.

Since I am built this way and operate like this my new home here on Foothill Design Co. will be built much the same way.

Simple. Fact-driven. No B.S./Fluff.

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